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  • How to Exclude Read_Only Databases Using sp_MSforeachdb

    How to Exclude Read_Only Databases Using sp_MSforeachdb

    I will explain how you can use sp_MSforeachdb stored procedure against READ_WRITE database only.

    There are numerous articles on the web about excluding databases using database id or name. Recently I needed a script to run against databases that are part of Always On Availability Groups and in READ_WRITE status. I used the ‘Updateability’ properties of DATABASEPROPERTYEX function.

    Here is how I implemented this.

    EXEC sp_MSForEachDb '
    USE [?]
    IF ''?'' NOT IN (''master'', ''model'', ''msdb'', ''tempdb'', ''Distribution'') 
    IF ((SELECT DATABASEPROPERTYEX(''?'', ''Updateability''))=''read_write''  )

    I would like to know if you implemented same …

  • TSQL to Find Status of SQL Server Statistics

    TSQL to Find Status of SQL Server Statistics

    About two years ago, I was working on an update statistics solution for 15 TB OLTP database.   First thing I needed to know, is the status of statistics.   With a google search I landed into this blog post by Erin Stellato (blog | Twitter) from SQLskills. Which gave me a perfect head start.

    I expanded that query to add more things in the result set.

    • Separate column for schema and object name.
    • Statistics ID.
    • Is this a temporary statistics (more here) ?
    • Column names (I wanted one row per statistics even with more than one column).
    • Ability

  • Free Azure Credit

    Free Azure Credit

    There are multiple ways you can get free Azure credit, which can add up to $500 for one year. With a Microsoft account and one of these free credit options you can open an Azure account. You will be able to use this account for any Azure service based on your needs including, Virtual Machines, Websites, Cloud Services, Mobile Services, Storage, SQL Database and many more. If you discipline yourself about stop/pause/delete resources when you are not using a resource or you no longer need, free credits can go long way.


    $200 for 30 days

    You receive $200 of Azure …

  • TSQL Tuesday #88 -Communication is the Key

    TSQL Tuesday #88 -Communication is the Key

    I thank Kennie Nybo Pontoppidan (b|t) for hosting TSQL Tuesday #88. Topic for this month is daily database related WT…….


    Last week I was setting up a collection of wait statistics with five minutes interval using a while loop. I was wrapping up Paul Randal’s (b|t) code from this blog post in a loop and persisting in a table to analyze later.

    I made it a habit in my career to have my peers review my code. I sent my code to one my colleague and asked him to review. Meantime …

  • View Multiple System Health Extended Event Files

    Last week I blogged about increasing retention of System Health session files. In this post I will show how you can open multiple files at once and work with the data as one set.

    If you select multiple System Health extended event files (with extension .xel) and click open each file will open in separate window of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).



    You can see here 4 files opened in 4 different windows. Now you cannot sort, group, apply filter, export data from all 4 windows as one data set.



    For opening all these files in one window …