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  • My Learning Goals 2018

    My Learning Goals 2018

    I thank Malathi (b|t) for hosting TSQL Tuesday #97. Topic for this month is  “Setting learning goals for 2018″.


    I want to acknowledge that my learning goal will change with time and it happens every year. My first priority is my employer. I need to learn, improve and implement what the company need. Beside that I also want to learn things that are of my personal interest.

    Microsoft Professional Program for Big Data track

    I want to finish what I started in 2017 but did not get enough time to work on. BigDataPorgressMicrosoft Professional …

  • Free Azure Credit

    Free Azure Credit

    There are multiple ways you can get free Azure credit, which can add up to $500 for one year. With a Microsoft account and one of these free credit options you can open an Azure account. You will be able to use this account for any Azure service based on your needs including, Virtual Machines, Websites, Cloud Services, Mobile Services, Storage, SQL Database and many more. If you discipline yourself about stop/pause/delete resources when you are not using a resource or you no longer need, free credits can go long way.


    $200 for 30 days

    You receive $200 of Azure …