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  • Find Transactional Replication Details

    Find Transactional Replication Details

    This will be a quick post about a script to find replication metadata in details.  You need to run this in your distributor (where distribution database reside) server and filter in various ways depending on your need.  Also modify order by based on what you are looking for.

    Run where distribution database reside

    USE distribution;
            p.publication ,
            p.publisher_db ,
            SUBSTRING(, 0, CHARINDEX('-', AS Source_Server ,
            a.article ,
            a.source_object ,
            s.subscriber_db ,
                              CHARINDEX('-', REVERSE( + 1,
                              ( ( CHARINDEX('-', REVERSE(,
                                            CHARINDEX('-', REVERSE( + 1) )
                                - ( CHARINDEX('-', REVERSE( ) - 1 ))) AS Destination_Server ,

  • Monitoring Transaction Replication Latency in Real Time

    Monitoring Transaction Replication Latency in Real Time

    This post will give a practical solution with complete code to monitor SQL server transactional replication latency in real time.  My solution assumes you are using common distribution agent.  With minor change you can also implement this for independent distribution agent.

    This solution is a implementation of Kendra Little’s blog post.

    Concept is to create a table with a single row storing current date-time (updated via a sql job every minute).  Replicate that data to your subscriber and measure the difference between current time and time-stamp in subscriber table.

    Before you run any of these code make sure you read …