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one of the few lesson I took form #passsummit is @microsoft is continuously working on features leveraging Query Store ....
I need to spend some time to learn ins and out of Query Store.
There is enough resource put out by community.

Reading ; Alter a column with dependencies in your SQL Server database with sp_alter_column!

... https://segovoni.medium.com/sp-alter-column-9b8943b02f12

@segovoni thanks for sharing.

#MVPbuzz #MVPTuesday

Today @segovani teaches us how to alter a column with dependencies in your #SQLServer database with sp_alter_column
... #MVPBuzz #DataPlatform #MVPTuesday https://segovoni.medium.com/sp-alter-column-9b8943b02f12

I have not touched my presentation about 'Azure SQL Database-Business Continuity During Disaster' for almost 18 months....
I am pretty much preparing a new presentation. So many things changed and learned a lot from @AnalyticAnna & @bobwardms in last 2 months.

I'm expecting a lot of my followers to follow this diagram and end up at Database Reliability Engineering.

So I suppose... I owe @BrentO a thank you for effectively writing that part of this blog post for me!

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