Houston Area SQL Server User Group (HASSUG)

Date/Time: Thursday February 15, 2024 12:00 PM-1:00 PM CST
Location: Virtual

View Event: Lifting Your Skills to the Cloud

94% of enterprises use cloud services. 67% of enterprise infrastructure is now cloud-based. 92% of businesses have a multi-cloud strategy in place or in the works. What does that mean for data professionals working with on-premises technology for years? Do we have to relearn everything from ground zero? How can we leverage our knowledge and experience acquired over the years and apply it to the cloud?

If you are thinking about these questions, this session is for you. Many responsibilities have become shared between database administrators and the cloud provider. For example, in the PaaS model, the cloud provider will take a database backup, and setting up long-term retention is the responsibility of the database administrators.

We will discuss each of these key areas of database administration (System provisioning, Data Migration, Data Security, Performance tuning and monitoring, Disaster Recovery, High Availability, Backup and Recovery, and Cost management). I will show/explain what existing skills will be needed and what you will need to learn new ones. I will also cover tools provided by cloud providers that you will need to learn and use.


This session will equip attendees with the information they need to administer databases in the cloud successfully.
An attendee will walk away knowing three things:
1. List of on-premises skills they can retain and apply to the cloud.
2. For each of the key areas of database administration, what new skills they will need to learn to be a successful “Cloud DBA”.
3. Tools provided by cloud providers (Microsoft) that they will need to learn and use.

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