PASS Data Community Summit – 2022

November 18, 2022

View Event: Analyzing Azure Monitor Log data for Azure SQL Database

Kusto is a service for storing and running interactive analytics over Big Data. Kusto was designed from scratch to be a “big data” repository for Azure and easy to query using Kusto Query Language (KQL). As we progress in our migration to the cloud, we learn new ways to monitor and alert resources and services. Microsoft has consolidated many services under the umbrella of ‘Azure Monitor.’ Whether you are detecting and diagnosing issues across applications and dependencies,’ ‘correlating infrastructure issues with Azure Monitor for VMs,’ ‘or drilling into your SQL database monitoring data with Log Analytics, you will be using ‘Azure Monitor.’ Azure Monitor uses a version of the KQL used by Azure Data Explorer.

In this 100% demo session, I will show you:
1. How to enable event logging (auditing and diagnostic) for the Azure SQL database?
2. How do you consume the data once you enable event logging?
3. How do you find anomalies to alert on, establish a baseline, and look at trends?
4. How do you consume this data with python and kql notebook from Azure Data Studio using kql magic, kql kernel, and the recently released Azure Monitor Logs extension.

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