SQL PASS SUMMIT 2022 DAY-2 Keynote Live Blog

November 17, 2022

Pass Data Community Summit 2022 day two keynote titled “Doing More with Less: The Challenges Ahead for Every Data Professional” will be delivered by Redgate. There are three names (Jakub Lamik, Steve Jones, and Kathi Kellenberger) but five pictures. I am unsure if David Bick and Arne Eskandari will be on the stage.

I am honored to be selected to live blog the keynote. The theme of the keynote :
These are challenging times for every business everywhere. So how can you ensure you get the most from your investment in IT, to meet your needs now, while also preparing you for an uncertain future? Join Jakub Lamik, Steve Jones, and Kathi Kellenberger in this keynote which looks at how the world is changing for data professionals, and the areas to focus on which will bring the best return on your investment in the long term.

I will update this post live during the keynote tomorrow morning. Bookmark and often refresh during the keynote at 8 am.

8:05 Running late

8:07 Sicilia welcomes everyone, especially the first-timers. All live sessions will be recorded and available. Thanking Microsoft, AWS, Dell, and other sponsors.

8:10 Steve Jones on the stage. Steve is talking about the history of PASS and Redgate, starting in 1999, and mentioning Kalen Delaney at Steve’s first summit.

8:13 Emphasizing social events. WIT, SQL run, and many more. How PASS Summit evolved over the year – conference grew from 1200 people in 1999 to 4000 in 2019.

8:16 Giving the history of SQL Compare, SQL toolbelt, and dependency tracker. Mentioning our favorite SQL Prompt. Redgate tries to fix something within seven days of hearing about it.

8:20 Taling about SQL Server Central, Simple-Talk, and SQL Saturday. SQL Saturday is an independent charitable organization and not controlled by Redgate.

8:22 Redgate CEO Jacob Lamik on stage.

8:23 Why did Redgate support the community and pick up PASS Assets? Database professionals answer critical questions around the world. Mentioning Microsoft’s CEO’s famous saying that all business is a software business.

8:27 Talking about open source and correlation between multiple databases/systems. Fragmentation is accelerating. PostgresSQL and MySQL are two top databases developers are using.

8:31 How database platform decisions are changing due to microservices. Microservices are accelerating fragmentation. Due to this how deployment is becoming problematic. That is where automation is essential, and Redgate invests in the tools to make deployment easy.

8:33 David Bick, Head of Product Management, on stage.

8:35 Redgate started with SQL Server but talking to customers proved that just building tools based on SQL Server are not enough anymore. Recognizing that Redgate started talking to Flyway, which supports 25+ database platforms. 2019 Redgate acquired Flyway but kept it open source.

8:38 Redgate created Flyway Enterprise besides the open source one. Showing a recorded demo of the Flyway desktop tool with the PostgresSQL platform.

8:42 Giving a shout for all of us.

8:44 Redgate Clone will be released in Q1 2023.

8:45 Jacob is back on stage and talking about the importance of collaboration.

8:48 Arneh Eskandari Redgate, Solutions Engineering Manager, is on stage.

8:50 Four challenges in a hybrid environment for Database operations professionals.

  • Scaleability
  • Domain expertise
  • Not enough dashboards?
  • Cost control

8:52 Giving a real-life example of one customer and how Redgate helped to solve these four challenges.

8:55 Talking about SQL monitoring tool.

8:56 Jacob is back on stage

8:58 Kathi Kellenberger Redgate, Customer Success Engineer on stage. Kathi mentioned that we have more new speakers at this year’s summit than at any other summit. How Redgate supports the community.

9:00 Mentioning how SQL Server Central and Simple talk is helping customers. Kathi is talking about her career journey and how she landed in the data world. Pharmacist, developer, DBA.

9:05 Louis Davidson will be the new editor of Simple Talk.

9:07 Talking about some testimonials from Redgate customers. Mentioning Redgate advocates like Grant and Steve Jones.

9:09 How Redgate launched a kid’s coding club for their employees. To make it easier and keep their kids occupied meaningfully while working from home.

9:11 Talking about Redgate 100. Online influencers in the database community 2022.

9:12 Thanking everyone for joining the keynote

Thanks for reading.

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