TSQL Tuesday #93 -Do Not Drive During Interview

August 8, 2017

I thank Kendra Little (b|t) for hosting TSQL Tuesday #93. Topic for this month Interviewing Patterns & Anti-Patterns. What advice do you have for people preparing for or going through an interview?.


After initial phone screening I went for in person interview. I was scheduled to meet 5 interviewer. Last person in the list was the manager to whom I will report if I work there. Things went very well with the first 4 interviewer. I was looking forward to meet the manager. I was told the manager is not onsite and they will connect me via phone. I was ok with that, as now a days working remote is a norm in many companies.

Once I was connected via phone I realized the manager was driving with kids in the backseat. Our conversation was interrupted few times by the kids noise. Also the background noise was unacceptable for a conversation like job interview.

I was offered the job. Around the same time I had two other offers. Even though financially this was a better deal I declined the offer. If a manager cannot make quite time to talk to me during hiring process, I think he/she will always struggle to find time when I need.

As a parent of 3 young children, I understand things happen and we have to make adjustments. I would rather they tell me that “Manager is not available and they have to reschedule at a later time” instead of interviewing while driving with kids in the back seat.

I think interviewers should prepare themselves beforehand. Study the resume, prepare questions, block the time from any other engagement. If that is not possible reschedule.

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I have driven and given interviews several time. Gotten selected for a lot of them. My preface was “I will be driving at the time the manager wants to interview, if you like I can reschedule. If they say it is ok. I don’t mind.

Of course I am now an empty nester and have no kids screaming in the back!!!

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