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March 16, 2017

There are multiple ways you can get free Azure credit, which can add up to $500 for one year. With a Microsoft account and one of these free credit options you can open an Azure account. You will be able to use this account for any Azure service based on your needs including, Virtual Machines, Websites, Cloud Services, Mobile Services, Storage, SQL Database and many more. If you discipline yourself about stop/pause/delete resources when you are not using a resource or you no longer need, free credits can go long way.


$200 for 30 days

You receive $200 of Azure credits with opening Azure trial account. This $200 need to be used within 30 days. You cannot carry over this credit beyond 30 days. You will need your credit card (or a debit card) to verify identity. Be default your resources will be suspended after 30 days or when your credit is consumed. You will not be charged unless you decide to convert to ‘pay as you go’ model. But hold on before you get your wallet out…..there is more.

$25/month for 12 months

Joining “Visual Studio Dev Essentials” comes with many benefits including Azure credit of $25/month for one year. Which is a total of $300. You do not need a credit card to use this credit.

$50-$150/month for unlimited time



If you have a Visual Studio Subscription through MSDN license Microsoft offers between $50 and $150 per month based on subscription type. If you do not have a MSDN license check if your company have unused license. If yes request for one. Your credit is refilled automatically as long as your subscription is valid. You do not need a credit card to open the account. If your company has Enterprise Agreement (EA) purchasing contract you get discounted rate on many resources. Check the link above for details.

I would like to hear from you if you have any other links about free Azure credit.

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